About Us

Welcome to Varsity Produce!

Established in 1983, Varsity Produce is a family-owned grower, shipper, and processor dedicated to delivering top quality whole peeled onions year round.

Grown in the fertile grounds of the southern San Joaquin Valley, our onions are then processed and packed at our 40,000 square foot Bakersfield facility. We are the caretaker of each onion from beginning to end – the single source from seed to your dock. With our consistently high-producing fields and efficient shipping methods, Varsity Produce is able to deliver what we consider the finest quality whole peeled onions you can buy, all year round.

Over our long history, Varsity Produce has grown and marketed a wide variety of commodities, with our early years spent developing our business in Kern and Imperial counties. Today, Varsity Produce focuses only on onions, using our experience to grow and ship our highest-quality product ever. We’ve grown to meet the popular demand for our onions, delivering to consumers all over the country.

“Peelin’ Ain’t Easy.”